Sustainable one of a kind Handcrafted Items

CraftBarn Canada came into being out of love for beauty and appreciation for the creative process that takes place when immersing in a new craft. From that initial creative spark through an array of tactile experiences, we have explored fibres and clay in various ways, translating that joy into form and art, in an ever changing inspiring artistic community.

Our Pottery
Art and quality

  • Our pottery is both functional and decorative

  • Food safe and unique

  • Each pottery piece speaks for itself

  • Each piece has a story to tell through its form, its purpose and glaze choice

  • All pieces are wheel thrown, hand built or a combination of various techniques

Natural Fibres
Wool and Luxury Fibres

  • Yarn was always something treasured and appreciated in our life

  • discovering the journey of the yarn ball from fleece to wonderful creation was what initiated our adventures into the world of spinning, weaving, felting, yarn painting, knitting etc

  • From wool to exotic fibres, we’ve been discovering the multitude of crafts that allow for artistic expression, and it all led to sharing our experiences with others

From cloth weaving to basketry

  • Basketry allows for the art of weaving to be so much more evidentiated and present in our daily living rhythms

  • Baskets have become an art form far beyond their utilitarian use and the mixed materials that can be used in their creation have been very innovative

  • From fabric and yarn coils to naturally harvested reed and bark, the possibilities are endless

  • Ultimately they all bring into their dwelling space a sense of intimate gathering,togetherness, community and generosity

Our Local friends

  • If you are looking to learn the art of clay, fibres or basketry check our local friends

  • You will be amazed at what you can discover

  • Also don't forget to check our social media, we often feature and share work from different local artists

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