We are a small family business/studio but occasionally we are accepting commissions. Don’t hesitate to check with us whether you need pottery, fibers/yarn or basketry made for you.

Pottery Commissions
  • We will discuss the form, functionality, glaze options as well as time frame and price of the pottery that you want us to make for you

  • We are not charging extra for commissions as we are not accepting high volumes

  • Plus you never know… check our Store, maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for...

  • I am also selling my pottery at London Clay Art Centre in London ON, 664 Dundas St.

  • For inquiries send us an e-mail at:

Fibers Commissions
  • We can create custom blend of fibers just for you

  • Let us know if you have a special preferences and we will provide you with more details

  • As of now we have the following fibers in stock and we can blend them for you in any proportion you desire:

  • cashmere

  • superfine merino wool

  • highest grade of natural silk

  • alpaca

  • rose fibers (natural plant based fibers)

  • baby camel down

  • angora (this fiber is upon request only as it is acquired from responsible local breeders)

  • Dog fibers! Yes, we will spin the dog undercoat you provide into beautiful yarn for you.

  • Please note, all our fibers are ethically sourced, usually from small farms owned and operated by families.

  • For inquiries send us an e-mail at:

Basketry Commissions
  • A variety of baskets

  • Natural materials

  • Handwoven and hand dyed

  • Functional or decorative

  • Any size and model you like that serves your purpose or matches with your home décor

  • For inquiries send us an e-mail at: