About Us

CraftBarn Canada came into being out of love for beauty and appreciation for the creative process that takes place when immersing in a new craft. From that initial creative spark through an array of tactile experiences, we have explored fibres and clay in various ways, translating that joy into form and art, in an ever changing inspiring artistic community.

  • Whatever you do, make sure you have fun

  • Keep an open mind and explore artistic expression

  • Be creative and inspired

  • Share your love of art and beauty with everyone

  • Last thing: if you are selling your creations, make sure they are high quality

  • I am occasionally teaching classes and workshops at London Clay Art Centre, check their website for more information and to register. I promise we will have lots of fun together!

  • Beauty comes from within and it often takes the shape of a basket

  • Nature inspires me at every step of the way

  • My favorite kind of fiber is the one harvested from nature

  • Baskets symbolize the giving to community and I believe it’s important to give back, through art and kindness